Web Development

Web Development

A Web Site is an integral part of company’s corporate identity, creativity and marketing strategy. The Run On Team has vast experience and expertise in complete web design solutions. Our customized websites will assure that you will generate maximum returns on your investment. We have the expertise to design fast loading creative web pages with excellent navigation and a design that really speaks for you. All of our web sites are well designed to fit the international web design standards such as effective web page layout, efficient use of space, compatible color scheme, productive user interactivity, browser compatibility, and user-friendly navigation.

Run On Productions, has a creative team of experienced and professional web designers, copywriters, visualizers, graphic designers, database and systems developers and internet marketing professionals. We have experience in website designing with modern web design tools and designing software. We have developed numerous business and personal web sites for our clients all across North America spanning a variety of industries.

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Web Design

We offer a wide range of services such as professional website design, content management systems, flash animations, website re-design, website maintenance, search engine friendly copy writing and internet marketing solutions. We have the flexibility to work with our clients in the way that best meets their objectives.

We design original layouts not ready made templates, for web page designs, graphics, logo designs and company branding. When working on a web design project, we talk not only about designing but also about quality in terms of perfect language construction, with no grammatical errors, a theme-based home page, and subsequent page/s layouts. Our professional web designers and web developers help businesses or professionals to establish and maintain internet presence in the global market with a professionally designed website.

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Dynamic Web Design & eCommerce Sites

We provide dynamic web design, dynamic web pages, dynamic websites, and complete dynamic web solutions. Dynamic websites are very useful for companies that require continuous updates for their sites, such as trade websites, news websites as well as corporate websites. It helps to manage inventory, update product prices, stock status, order tracking, news letters, news banners and a wide variety of content and data. Dynamic web pages give a fresh online experience to the visitor. We design and develop dynamic web site as per specific requirement of client. We offer flexible dynamic web page design with user friendliness, effectiveness and a great amount of interactivity.

We offer eCommerce solutions using the latest web development software. We develop eCommerce websites that make existing business processes and customer data available to Internet users. E-commerce web sites are useful for any business or organization that sells its products or services to consumers over the Internet for its own use. We provide web-based eCommerce for on line sales or services. We implement user friendly shopping carts used to sell directly to consumers or for business to business. Our eCommerce solutions help your company maximize profit by focusing on increasing revenue and reducing costs.

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Database Development

We specialize in creating databases for web sites, whether it is for your eCommerce site, eMarketing site, Membership site, Employment, CV – Jobs, Resumes, Classifieds, Intranet and Secure information site. Here is what we can do for you:

For the Database:

  • Create a professional web design and layout
  • Layout the database tables with all schema
  • Create all the tables and variable names
  • Create the database, provide you with all the admin tools to modify/change database
  • Create web interface admin area to administer the database
  • Allow web view of the database to the administrator
  • Allow web edit/delete of database info by the administrator

For the User Interface:

  • Create a Login page and associated scripts.
  • Create forgot my password script. Email validation script.
  • Create a registration page, information update page

Integration into your site:

  • We will integrate all of the above into your existing site, if required.
  • We will create all relevant displays from the database as necessary.

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Content Management

We specialize in creating customized web page content management systems. Easy to use, fast and efficient or complex content management integrating platforms such as wordpress into your site. Whether you need this for your news section, document management section, news releases and material updates section. We can build a custom solution for you.

Static Pages:

Static pages are pages that do not contain any programming code from languages such as php or asp, generally they are an html page.

To keep your web site up-to-date, you should have our customized page content management system. It includes the following,

  • A password protected admin page.
  • A drop menu of pages you can change using an editor.
  • A rich text editor that allows you to change your professional web page content.
  • Update procedures so your web page can be changed and updated instantly.

Dynamic Pages:

  • We create a Login page and associated scripts.
  • We create forgot my password script with Email validation script.
  • We create a registration page, and information update page

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Hosting & Maintenance


Price: $12.95 per month (one year paid in advance)
Setup fee: $35 – No Charge w/ Web Design.


  • Domain Name Registration or Transfer (www.yourcompany.com)
  • 2 Free small site update per month
  • 500 MB of Web Hosting and Development Space.
  • 20 Email Accounts with Aliasing, and Mail Forwarding.
  • 10 GB of Internet Transit Usage.
  • 99.8% up time.

Web Site Maintenance

We offer a variety of site maintenance packages to suit your specific needs. We also offer fair a reasonable pricing for one time site updates and maintenance. Our team is skilled enough to work in many programming languages and database platforms. Your web site does not have to be hosted with us in order to receive maintenance.

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Domain Registration

We can help you secure your domain name with us, whether we are building your site for you or you are having your site hosted though us. Choosing a domain name can be vital in creating your company’s online image and presence. Search Engine Optimization can play a very important role in choosing a domain name that is right for you. Ask a member of our team for more information today.

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